About Us

Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority is responsible for providing wholesale regional raw water supply services to local governments and industry within its five-county service area comprised of Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender Counties. The Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority is a self-supporting agency which depends on customer rates and fees to support its operations.

Our purpose is to provide a reliable and dependable surface water supply as cost-effective as possible through economy of scale while operating on sound fiscal and utility principles.

Planning for developing a dependable surface water supply to meet the needs of local government and industry resulted in the creation of the Wilmington-New Hanover County Water and Sewer Authority in 1970. With the financial support of the governing bodies of New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington, the Authority began its investigation of water priorities and needs. As this process progressed, it became apparent the program and objectives for a water supply were regional in scope and the Authority decided that its Board must be regional in composition as well. On May 13, 1970 the Authority was incorporated as the Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority.

Membership of the Authority consists of Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender Counties, plus the City of Wilmington. The Authority’s service area consists of the above referenced counties.

The Authority is a non-profit public agency organized under the provisions of the North Carolina Water and Sewer Authorities Act. Under the Enabling Legislation, the Authority is authorized, among other things, to construct and operate water and sewer systems located within its service area. The Authority may issue revenue bonds. The Authority may fix and collect rates, fees and charges for services furnished by any water and sewer system operated by the Authority.